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MMS Reflections Competition Winners

Every year, MMS Fine Arts students compete in the PTA Reflections competition. This year, the theme was "I can change the world by..." MMS had 10 Reflections of Art entries nominated to the District.

1 Reese Spradling - Photography: "Smile"
2 Samantha Mayhew - Photography: "My Shoes"
3 Sarah Hickman - Photography: "New Growth"
4 Claire Schneider - Photography: "Spring Runoff"
5 Laurel Pape - Photography: "Smaller Things"
6 Elena Padilla - Photography: "Different is Beautiful"
7 Natalie Gleason - Photography: "Animals Matter Too"
8 Allison Zhu - Visual Arts: "A Fresh Coat"
9 Victoria Yi - Visual Arts: "Animals" 
10 Shamblin Melcher - Visual Arts: "Clean Water"

Please congratulate these Eagles on their achievement!