Memorial Middle School Retest Policy

  • Purpose: The purpose and intent of the policy is to provide students with additional opportunities to show mastery of the content.
  • Definition of an assignment: An assignment is defined as any student work placed in the major grade category. Certain projects may be excluded if the project(s) are so identified by the teacher and are approved by the campus administration.
  • All students will have a retest opportunity availability including Pre-AP and GT students.
  • The retest will cover the same material of the original test, however the test may be in a different format with questions changed.
  • Students must request the retest within three class days of the teacher notifying them of the failing grade, (entering the grade in skyward should be considered notification).
  • The student may be required to attend a tutorial, complete test corrections, or other task as directed by the teacher, prior to retesting.
  • Students caught cheating on a test may not request a retest.
    • Cheating involves unauthorized use of information, materials, devices, sources or practices in completing academic activities. For example, copying during an exam that should be completed individually is an unauthorized practice, and, therefore, is considered cheating. A student who allows another student to copy from his or her work is considered to be facilitating or contributing to cheating.
  • If a student scores lower on the retest, the original test grade will stand.
  • The maximum grade received for retest will be a 70. The campus policy will be consistent across content areas and all classes. Example: If the student retests and makes an 82 on the retest, their final grade will be a 70 on the assignment/test.
  • All semester final exams are ineligible for retest.