Honor Code

At Memorial Middle School, we are dedicated to upholding the standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness that are set forth in our school vision statement and in the district handbook.

Each student must know that he or she will be evaluated on the basis of his or her own accomplishments and all other students are evaluated correspondingly. An Honor Code has been established at Memorial Middle School to assure such knowledge and trust. The Honor Code is a simple statement supporting our belief that an honorable student does not lie, cheat, or steal.

  • Students will not steal anything: books, notes, Chromebooks, phones, homework, equipment, answers or ideas;
  • Students will not lie about themselves or others;
  • Students will not cheat in any form on any assignment, activity, quiz or test;
  • Students will neither give nor solicit information about the contents of any graded material or activity. The Code prohibits both the giving and receiving of unauthorized aid on any assignment/test;
  • Students, faculty, and administrators are equally charged with the responsibility for promoting and enforcing this Honor Code.