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If you have a question about the ItsLearning Parent Portal, please click here to contact Krystal Weiss, our TLS.

For tech support, please call the SBISD Help Desk @ (713) 251-8324.

Hours are:
Monday - Friday: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am to 10:00pm
*Limited service on holidays


If you want to pay for the loaner device insurance, you may do so at

Insurance Information

Dear Parents,

As you know, SBISD has issued Chromebooks to all MMS students this school year. 

Students were given the option to purchase insurance for a small fee to cover breakages and malfunctions that occur within reason. The insurance covers the cost of TWO replacement computers per student. After the second computer, you will be responsible for the $263 replacement cost. 

Chromebook chargers are not covered under the insurance, and we do not have extras. If students lose or break a charger, please bring $50 to the front office (make checks out to MMS) and one will be ordered.

Lost or broken or broken plastic cases are not covered either. They’re $16.50, payable to MMS before they are ordered.

You may pay for either of these items as well as the insurance at

We recommend the following safety precautions to prevent computer damage:

  • Always shut down and wait for the light to stop flashing before closing the Chromebook.
  • Never walk with the Chromebook open.
  • Place Chromebook inside a protective case while traveling around the MMS campus and at home.
  • Use caution when charging Chromebooks and keep cords out of high traffic areas.

Learn From Home Help

Common Chromebook Issues


Extensions are like programs that are connected to your SBISD Chrome login.

Whenever you log in to a computer or Chrome browser with your SBISD login and password, all your extensions activate on it.

Some extensions like GoGuardian, Clever, and Read&Write are added by the district and are on all SBISD accounts.

Some are games and 3rd party extensions. Click here to see if your extensions are in the safe range or if you have allowed them to take over your computer.

Chromebook Bags

The MMS Eagle messenger bag for your Chromebook is here and only $15 in the MMS main office while supplies last. (Cash or check to MMS or pay online at!)

Bags are black with the MMS Eagle on the side & can be personalized.