Welcome to MMS for the 2019-2020 school year!

1st day of school:

  • Schedules will be available on Skyward August 14th. Classes begin at 8:25 and end at 3:30. The first bell allowing students into the building is at 8:16.
  • On Thursday, August 15th, we will begin the day in our activity classes for Eagle Camp and then follow the regular schedule.

Afternoon Schedule 8-15-19

1st     1:15 - 1:30

2nd     1:35 - 1:50

3rd     1:55 - 2:10

4th     2:15 - 2:30

5th     2:35 - 2:50

7th     2:55 - 3:10

8th     3:15 - 3:30


Bell schedule beginning Friday:


Arrival Procedures:

  • Students arriving before 8:16am will be directed to the courtyard.
  • Students may not enter the building until 8:16am.
  • Buses unload on the Attingham side of the school.
  • There is a car lane there, but you are encouraged to drop car riders on the Vindon side of the school by the gym so as not to block the buses.


Dismissal Procedures:

  • Students will see a safety video the first day of school illustrating the appropriate means of dismissing school.
  • Walkers-Students crossing to go to the Tallowood parking lot MUST cross with the crossing guard at the Attingham corner or in front of Tallowood.
  • Students crossing at Barryknoll must cross at the stop sign and make sure no cars are coming.
  • Students must be aware of moving cars in the parking lot. BE CAREFUL!
  • Buses-Use this link to find your bus route: http://www.infofinderi.com/ifi/?cid=SBI04322537629
  • Carpool-Pickup occurs on Attingham and on the Vindon side by the gym.
  • Please watch out for students and do not block the buses.
  • Please do not block passing lanes in the front parking lot.

The front parking on Vindon is a STAFF parking lot. Please refrain from parking in the staff lot for after school pickup. Use the carpool line.

Dress Code Reminders:


Electronic Devices: